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Box Office Report - horror wins the weekend

03 Sep 2012
The Possession takes what it can over a quiet movie going weekend
Horror flick The Possession won the weekend in the States with few other contenders. The film, directed by Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a dad who gets some serious shocks when his kid buys a creepy box at a yard sale, notched up just under $18 million. It’s a low enough figure for a wide release but consistent with the fact that many Americans take holidays at this time before headed back to school.
Trailing by a considerable margin, John Hilcoats’Lawless was second with a fairly paltry $9.7 million. The hard R rating can’t have helped its chances though with stars like Tom Hardy and ShiaLaBeouf in the mix you might have expected a bigger turnout. Reviews are far from stellar so it’s hardly likely to improve next weekend. After two weeks at the two, The Expendables 2 dropped to third place with a respectable $8.8 million – bringing it to $133 million worldwide since its August 16th debut. Fellow (but far worse) action title The Bourne Legacy was fourth – nabbing just over $7 million for a disappointing global haul of $157 million, not much above its production budget. The extremely excellent ParaNorman was next, taking $6.5 million to climb to just over $38 million domestically. It’s hardly a massive figure but the film has yet plenty of territories left to open, including Ireland on the 14th of September and with reviews on Rotten Tomatoes hovering around the 86% mark we hope this does good business for Universal.The Odd Life of Timothy Green doesn’t open in Ireland and the UK til December but held well at the weekend for $36 million to date and it was closely followed by the still fighting The Dark Knight Rises, taking $5.8 million for $1.005 billion worldwide. It’s currently the 12th highest rated film of all time globally, but will need to beat $1.024 in order to leave Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in the dust. The rest of the top 10 included The Campaign, the Obama doc 2016 Obama’s America and geriatric comedy Hope Springs. The other title of note was The Avengers, which took advantage of weak genre competition at the weekend to head back into more than 1700 theatres. It took $1.7 million, way up on last week’s $164,000 which is quite a feat for a four month old movie, but it won’t do much to unseat Titanic as the second highest grossing movie of all time with a massive rift between The Avengers at $1.5 billion and Titanic’s nearly $2.2 billion haul.Lawless is in cinemas here this week, with ParaNorman to follow on the 14th.
Box Office Report - horror wins the weekend on

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