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Resident Evil Retribution Clippage

03 Sep 2012
Clipped, snipped and sewn together for your amusement!
The fifth entry in the Resident Evil franchise (I know! Five. The mind boggles.) is gradually lumbering towards us. And before it shuffles in, set to mulch our brains with ‘trendy’ music and relentless b-grade action, clips forerun it like a cloud of buzzing insects, heralding the oncoming nonsense. Admittedly, this brand only started to become watchable with the last entry. But if Retribution can match Afterlife’s unrepentant silliness on September 28th, we’re in for a treat! Below are a selection of clips, or more accurately, entire scenes condensed into 60 second slots to give you a feel for the delightful twaddle in store. 1. Alice evades vehicle-sized axes!
2. Alice is VERY MEAN to chasing zombies
3. Alice tries to climb a bitch with some pickaxes
Takes a look at this last one too... 4. Alice recreates a famous Resi 4 Scene
Seem familiar...
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