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Airplane named funniest film ever

07 Sep 2012
Maybe this is the week McCroskey should quit his addictions.
It’s official! Airplane is the funniest movie according to research conducted recently, which measured how many times it made audiences laugh per minute. The 80s spoof starring Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty and Leslie Nielsen clocked three laughs per minute which was enough to earn the top spot.The Hangover placed 2nd overall with 2.4 laughs per minute, narrowly beating out The Naked Gun which hit 2.3 laughs per minute. Scores were calculated by counting up the total amount of laughs among a panel of viewers during a screening of the film, and then dividing the number by the film's run time. Well, it's hard to argue with science and math. The research was carried out by film subscription site Lovefilm.Top 10 funniest movies: 1. Airplane: 3 laughs-per-minute 2. The Hangover: 2.4 laughs-per-minute 3. The Naked Gun: 2.3 laughs-per-minute 4. Superbad: 1.9 laughs-per-minute 5. Borat: 1.7 laughs-per-minute 6. Anchorman: 1.6 laughs-per-minute 7. American Pie: 1.5 laughs-per-minute 8. Bridesmaids: 1.4 laughs-per-minute 9. Shaun of the Dead: 1.3 laughs-per-minute 10. Life of Brian: 1.2 laughs-per-minute What do you think of the list? Are there any glaring omissions in your opinion?
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