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Lazy actor Bruce Willis

15 Oct 2010
Bruce Willis loves being "lazy".

The 'Die Hard' actor - who is married to British model Emma Heming - insisted that he doesn't work as often as his prolific movie career may suggest and admitted he likes nothing more than being at home.

He explained: "Most of the time, while you may see that there's a film out with me in the cinema, in truth I'm just at home, hanging out with my wife.

"And even though I'm 55 - but feel 25 in my head - I like being lazy. I like not having to work and not being in front of the camera. I love it."

The action star - who has three daughters, Rumer, 22, Scout, 19, and Tallulah, 16, with ex-wife Demi Moore - also admitted he has a special selection of comfortable clothes which he dons when he is at home, though he draws the line at sitting around in his nightwear.

He added: "I don't necessarily have a lazy uniform, like, 'Always wear this dressing gown with these pyjama bottoms'. My rule is: go comfy at all costs. That, and try not to wear jeans.

"And if I fancy a drink while I'm there I might do that, but I don't go out. I just like staying home and backing away from society."