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Jessie J blasts timid pop stars

28 Apr 2011
Jessie J has blasted her pop contemporaries for being too scared to speak their minds.

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker thinks other stars are envious of her for being brave enough to say whatever she wants, and she believes other singers are so worried about appearing to be "perfect" they won't do anything outrageous in case it harms their careers.

She said: "I say it how it is and I don't really think before I talk. I sometimes think that's what everyone else in the industry wishes they could do, but they started out being so perfect that any time they do anything out of the ordinary, people pick up on it.

"I decided that if I just started out being me, no one can ever say I've changed."

Despite her burgeoning success on both sides of the Atlantic, Jessie admits she still has days where she wants to "scream and throw something at the wall", but puts it down to just being a typical female.

She added to Top of the Pops magazine: "I don't ever want to feel guilty about having a bad day. I have to go with my emotions. Sometimes you're overtired and your mascara doesn't go on right and you don't know what to wear and you rip your favourite trousers, and you want to scream and throw something at the wall.

"It's not that you're not appreciating your life, it's just about being a girl."