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Urban Warfare

28 Jul 2011
New Photo of Judge Dredd
For most of you, the name Judge Dredd will evoke mere memories of a botched Stallone action flick from the mid-nineties. This is a criminal shame as Mega City One’s most fearsome chin is so much more.

A staple of comics 2000AD, Judge Dredd has been booting crime in its ugly face since 1977, written by a host of impressive writers, notably the critically acclaimed Grant Morisson.

So director Peter Travis is trying again with Dredd. Aided with a script by Alex Garland (28 Days later, The Beach, Enslaved), Karl Urban (Priest, Star Trek, Bourne Ultimatum, Red) has been cast in the titular role. It also stars Lena Heady and home grown Domhnall Gleeson.

Now just have a look at that profile, and tell me you’d risk pinching some Smarties from the pick’n’mix with a mug like that working the beat!

Dredd will be hitting theatres in the UK on December 1st.