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Killer Elite trailer lands. With a Chair. On...

28 Jul 2011
Teases with the possibility of a decent Stath film
We love Jason Statham in these parts. Honestly how couldn’t we?
He’s hard. He’s mean. He‘s cockney. He’s scrapped Jet Li. And He’s bald.
He’s living the goddamned dream! Geezer.

So naturally we’re excited about this…

The fights look brutal, the stunts seem wild and the Stath appears to be set to ‘Fun Mode’ (As opposed to ‘Bored Clinical Assassin Mode’.)

Sadly, over the last couple of years, his cinematic endeavors haven’t always kicked us as hard in our slack-jawed faces as they so definitely should.

For every ‘Blitz’ there’s ‘The Mechanic.’
For every ‘Crank’ there’s ‘Transporter 3.’
For every ‘Death Race’ there’s ‘War.’

So it’s hard to approach Killer Elite with anything other than trepidation.
But let’s not ignore what it’s got going for it:
1. Clive Owen (Where has he been?)
2. Bob DeNiro (Is that still a good thing?)
3. Jumping on 1. with a chair!
4. Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski (Surely I don’t hear complaints)
5. Trailer music by Scorpions (Sure, okay, why not!)

Hmmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something… oh yeah,
Jason “Where is my F*%#ing Strawberry Tart*” Statham!

Killer Elite will (hopefully) rock you like a hurricane this September.

*Strawberry Tart = Heart