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City Of God (2002)

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4 out of 10 City of God
Michelle from Meath, 13 Jan 2009
Very very good film if not hard going in places. The fact that it is based on a true story makes it all the more frightening to think that this actual happens in real life. The sub titles at first take a bit of getting used to but once you are engrossed in the film you don't even notice you are reading. I give it 8 rather than 10 out of 10 due to the fact that it is so violent in places. Otherwise well worth renting.
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3.5 out of 10 Brutal but beautiful
Maggie from Mayo, 08 Jul 2008
Well made film showing the harsh and brutal existence of South American drug dealers. Wasn't keen on the cuts for the narrator to introduce chapters. It spoiled the suspension of disbelief built up due to the good filming and engagement with the characters. But otherwise a good film showing the prizes available to successful gang bosses and the poverty that drives the young to emulate their drug-dealing "heroes".
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5 out of 10 Here come the kids!
Ciaran from Dublin, 23 May 2007
A modern masterpiece, City of God depicts the downtrodden side of Brazil's slums in a way that wont have you rushing to your travel agent to book that flight to Rio. Holding nothing back, we are shown life through the eyes of the street kids who can grow to rule the underworld in the city's slums. Violent, graphic, startling and shocking, this is film making at its best.
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5 out of 10 Awesome movie
David from Dublin, 07 Aug 2007
City of God is a brilliant movie. Several different and memorable characters based on real events and diverse stories give us a expansive look into a world few of us are familiar with. It follows a rather central story, fleshed out through side stories that are just as compelling. The movie pulls you along to it's great conclusion
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5 out of 10 Great Movie
John from Dublin, 14 Dec 2007
Just watch ross kemp on gangs to see how close they got it in this movie, portraying the ghettos of rio as a lawless frontier land rampant with crime and poverty. The movie pulls no punches showing some pretty brutally violent scenes involving even the very young (this was quite disturbing). A must see movie.
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What's it about....
Youth gangs took over the slums of Rio de Janiero during the 1960s and didn't relinquish their stronghold until the mid-1980s. Only a sucker wouldn't have turned to crime and this is exactly how naive teen Rocket (Alexandre Rodrigues) views himself. His attempts in illegal activity fail as he finds potential victims too friendly. Equally unsuccessful in love, he regularly fails to lose his virginity. Blood spills throughout the streets of the Cidade de Deus as gang leader...

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