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Flightplan (2005)

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3.5 out of 10 Class Twist
Caroline from Laois, 24 Apr 2008
It's fun how it's half & half for this film. Reading the reviews you'd wonder did we all watch the same film!! I love Jodie Foster but thought from the ads that it'd be boring dross so I never watched it, til recently on RTE. I watched it all. Glued to it & Boy Oh Boy what a twist. A tad slow at the start then you start doubting Foster's sanity & then you begin suspecting EVERYONE!! I think it flopped in the cinema? She doesn't always appear in the best films but you remember them all. Rent it.
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0.5 out of 10 oh boy oh boy
Monika from Cork, 08 Jun 2007
The first half of this is quite alright and one has hope that it might develop interestingly. It doesn't. Increasingly hysterical scenes by Foster looking for her child on the plane build up into an utterly ridiculous plot in which she demolishes half the aircraft. The story has more holes than a Swiss cheese (e.g. the presence and identity of the air marshall is complete news to captain and crew???). Foster's "intense composure" facial expression seems to be her standard range now, too
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3 out of 10 Alright thriller
Rónán from Dublin, 11 Feb 2008
Flightplan isn't brilliant but is an effective enough thriller. Foster plays a slightly overwrought widow returning to the US from Germany with her daughter after her husbands death. Daugher goes missing while shes asleep and queue lots of running and shouting around the plane which actually looks like a cruise liner its so big.
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1 out of 10 Flightplan
brenda from Sligo, 08 May 2007
Completely unbeleivable story where a child goes missing on an aeroplane and her mother (Foster) tries everything in her power to find her. Air Rage are two words that spring to mind. Don't waste your time.
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2 out of 10 Flightplan.
Robert from Kildare, 04 Sep 2007
Lacked the tension the script could have provided. Unrealistic story line that could be very easy to find holes in. Overall, a film that will pass the time if you find yourself at a loose end.
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What's it about....
Flying at 40,000 feet in a state-of-the art aircraft that she helped design, Kyle Pratt's (Foster) 6 year old daughter Julia vanishes without a trace. Or did she? No one on the plane believes Julia was ever onboard. And now Kyle, desperate and alone, can only count on her own wits to unravel the mystery and save her daughter...

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