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5 out of 10 Excellent
deirdre from Wicklow, 19 May 2010
I have never felt the need to write a review but Garage has changed that. This is a brilliant film. Not only does it portray life in an Irish village but it also depicts the essence of the Irish landscape. It made me want to go outside and appreciate life, I assume this is the craft of the filmaker at work. Some reviewers have critiscised the film as been too slow but it is paced to suit the character of Josie. I am not a lover of art films and have switched off my fair share but this film s
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3 out of 10 Almost essential viewing
Barry from Dublin, 12 May 2008
This is a thought-provoking and beautifully shot film. But it is arthouse and not to everyone's taste. It is very slow - The highlight of excitment over the first 45 minutes is a set-piece where Pat Short feeds an apple to a horse. But the film has a very brief running time, and Short is good. You can't help yourself being drawn in and caring for his character. The film is a subtle and powerful depiction of rural isolation. Unfortunatley the ending is clumsy, costing it a star. Worth watching.
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Brian from Kerry, 23 May 2011
A small town innocent becomes the victim of his own foibles. A beautifully rendered character study, profoundly humane, and showcasing a brilliant (and under-rated) Pat Shortt in one of his rare serious roles. The film operates on a small, very intimate scale, but has an almost Beckett-like simplicity that transcends its location and culture. May feel uncaffeinated and so-what to some, but touches the heart for those who don't always have to have their fuel high-octane.
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4.5 out of 10 Garage
Nuala from Dublin, 25 Apr 2008
First of all this is an ARTHOUSE FILM so if you are expecting a shoot em up/thriller/gripping sort of film then its not for you. However, if you are a film lover then this is one of the best films you can see. Beautifully made and acted its one of the best Irish films I've ever seen. A slow moving masterpiece, yet full of tension. It stays with you for weeks. We really feel for this emotionally redundant man because he can't feel for himself. Kick the Spike
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What's it about....
Garage is a landmark in Irish cinema. A beautifully portrayed cinematic drama interspersed with razor sharp shards of black humour, with acutely observed characters that leaves a lasting impression. The story follows Josie (Pat Shortt) who has spent 20 years as the caretaker of a crumbling petrol station in smalltown Ireland. Despite loneliness and the fact that his neighbours treat him as a figure of fun, he's always good natured and happy. Garage is the story of Josie's...

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