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Idiots, The (1998)

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4 out of 10 Challenging, provocative, rewarding
Ian from Dublin, 16 Jun 2007
This film is not for everyone.if you are easily offended then maybe look elsewhere.It concerns the activities of a group of self named idiots,who aspire to provoke reaction in their unsuspecting foils,by "spassing",or acting in all intensive purposes like mentally or physically handicapped people. It is interesting to note how on the money the film is in pointing out how interacting with people with handicaps is still such a struggle with the majority of society.
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4 out of 10 Great Discussion Movie
Barry from Dublin, 25 Jul 2007
This is one of those movies probably best watched in the cinema or alone at home, as you will contantly want to compare thoughts and impressions with anyone willing to speak with you. Very difficult to rate with a score,as it will leave you a little bewildered and, you're thoughts will be provoked. As previously inferred, this isn't for the general mainstream, but if you've an interest in the power of movies, or an interest in the subject matter, rent today.
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3.5 out of 10 Weird to say the least!
Conor from Cork, 25 Jun 2007
About a bunch of lonely characters who reckon they have an inner "idiot" and try to bring it to the surface as often as possible in public. Not a movie for anybody who is easily offended, but certainly has a bit of originality. I wouldn't recommend it to most people I know, but if you like off the wall, freaky movies it might be worth a look.
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0 out of 10 idiotic
Karen from Clare, 24 Sep 2007
i am not easily offended and i enjoy off the wall films but i hated this film. none of the characters had any redeeming features to allow me to warm to them. i dont feel that i learned anything from the film it was just weird for the sake of weird. life is too short to watch this...
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4 out of 10 The Idiots
Gary from Cork, 30 Jul 2009
As a fan of the crazy Lars Von Trier I was not as shocked as a lot of people are that have seen this movie but still I thought it was very good but took until the last half hour for it all to fall into place
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What's it about....
Following a chance encounter with the group, the lonely drifter Karen becomes unintentionally involved with them. Gradually, Karen begins to understand what they are up to and, overcoming initial anger and reluctance, eventually participates in their subversive activities. Isolated and concealing a deep sadness, Karen finds solace, acceptance and understanding with 'the idiots' and she is drawn in by the sense of joy and child-like innocence of their behaviour. However,...

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