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Laissez Passer (2001)

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3.5 out of 10 Laissez Passer
Alan from Dublin, 05 Mar 2008
At the end of the film I was left saying to myself ... "what was that about ?" It is long, complex, convoluted and the differing story lines do intertwine and it challenges you to unravel them. But it is a bit of a farce in places - such as when one guy cycles in the middle of the night to give stolen Nazi papers to the resistance, and ends up being flown to England to authenticate them, where he is quizzed, and then parachuted back to the Resistance, then cycles back and in bed before daybreak
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4 out of 10 Well worth a look
Tom from Galway, 16 Jan 2011
A take on the remarkable story of Jean Devaivre's activities as a member of The Resistance during WWII is placed in neat juxtaposition against the introspective (bordering on existential) brooding of Jean Aurenche in a drama peppered with comedy, romance and poignancy. In the end you are left with as much a comment on French cinema in the 1940s as a thought provoking alternative take on life in France under Nazi occupation. It works, to a great extent, but the faced paced dialogue that drives
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3.5 out of 10 Interesting
Bluemoon from Dublin, 08 Jun 2007
I found this film quite interesting to understand how ordinary people were living in extra-ordinary situations, meaning during the WW2. Here is the true story of how two talented artists were living the war situation and how they try to do their regular work through and despite it all.
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What's it about....
Bertrand Tavernier directs this epic film, set in 1942 Paris during the country's occupation by Germany. Based on a true story, the French film industry during that period is the focus of the film, told from the point of view of two characters: a writer and an assistant director. Both are men are having to come to terms with life under the Germans whilst at the same time, having to keep their own secrets hidden.

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