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Law Abiding Citizen (2010)

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1.5 out of 10 Good effects but no more
Fidelma from Meath, 26 May 2010
If you would like to see Deathwish with lots of explosions then this is for you otherwise give it a miss. The basic premise of the film is sound - a man is disillusioned with the so called 'justice' system when he suffers appalling tragedy and watches the perpetrator all but walk free after striking a deal. But the film itself offers nothing but the excuse to watch explosions and implied macabre actions with the usual stereotypical characters and to me is just a modern sexed up version of the
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0.5 out of 10 NO! NO! NO!
Karolyn from Carlow, 09 Jun 2010
One of the worst films Ive seen in a long time! Gerard Butler comes out with some cringeworhy one liners "is gonna be biblical" as he blows up a building. The plot is ridiculous and when you find out the 'secret' of how he wreaks his revenge you just want to throw something at the tv. By the end you just dont care because its so farcical. The last scene is so flawed its not funny. Dont bother.
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4.5 out of 10 Triumph of good over evil?
Kevin from Louth, 25 Mar 2011
This film is a violent, blood curdling enactment of what can happen to an individual who has had his wife and daughter wrenched from him by two lowlifes in an horrific scene and finds the law is helpless and inadequate in achieving justice for a most heinous crime. The victim spends the next 10 years planning vengance and retribution. Very graphic scenes.
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3 out of 10 Clever and Interesting
Richard & Anne from Meath, 15 May 2010
A good combination of action flick with a good story ( a rare breed these days). There are big holes in the plot but overall this well crafted story of revenge, alienation and personal loss hits the spot. It's quite violent but a entertaining movie.
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4 out of 10 Great movie
Marie from Sligo, 30 Sep 2010
8 \ 10 on this one, brill movie held my attention, very hard to watch first few moments could have jumped in to the tv to sort the two guys out, and could well agree with the the bad guy in this movie (the Dad and husband ). Would watch again.
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What's it about....
Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is an honest, upstanding family man. Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is an ambitious young prosecutor working for a safer Philadelphia. When Clyde‘s wife and young daughter are brutally murdered, Nick is assigned to the case. On the verge of sentencing, Nick sensationally cuts a deal with one of the killers, sparing him from death row. Ten years later, the man who got away with murder is found dead. Clyde Shelton coolly admits his guilt before issuing...

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