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5 out of 10 Life in Manhattan
Margaret from Dublin, 30 May 2014
Just love this movie no matter how often I have seen it. Manhattan still looks beautiful in black & white. With Woodie Allan's humourous quick quip script you won't fail to find yourself laughing even when the humour is black or the meaning profound!!! This is a casual waltz through love affairs and their complications in Manhattan on the one hand and an astute statement and social comment on deeper issues if you wish to see them. Find out for yourself.
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4 out of 10 Very Woody
Dave from Galway, 26 Sep 2009
Enjoyable stuff from Woody - of course whether you enjoy it or not will depend on whether you enjoy him. Diane Keaton is outstanding too. Some cracking one-liners, and it's all done in ninety minutes. Worth a watch.
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2.5 out of 10 Manhattan
Jim from Cork, 15 Aug 2007
Very dated but if you like woody allen.....
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What's it about....
Nominated for two Academy Awards in 1979, and considered one of Allen's most enduring accomplishments, Manhattan is a wry, touching and finely-rendered portrait of modern relationships against the backdrop of urban alienation. Sumptuously photographed in black and white (Allen's first film in that format), and accompanied by a magnificent Gershwin score, Woody Allen's aesthetic triumph is a "prismatic portrait of a time and place that may be studied decades hence" (Time Magazine)....

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