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Metropolis (1927)

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4 out of 10 Well worth renting
Andrew from Tipperary, 12 Sep 2012
Rented this with luke-warm expectations, and both myself and my wife really enjoyed it. It's atmospheric and impressive, with a timeless quality. The 'future-vision' of the twenties is interesting to see, and many of the visulas remain impressive - the architecture, and the robot, especially. It's worthwhile googling the actors and crew involved after you've seen it, to see what became of them - practically everybody who mattered in pre-war German cinema was involved. If you like movies and are interested in cinema, don't miss this.
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4.5 out of 10 Classic
David from Dublin, 12 Jun 2008
I can't really describe this movie well enough. It has a powerful heart to it, a feeling of real epicness, yet a soft look at the humanity involved. It starts well, but gets a little over the top towards the end, but still worth a good look.
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What's it about....
Set around the year 2000, a mammoth city is ruled by the super-efficient industrialist Jon Fredersen (Alfred Abel) and, on the surface, appears to be a utopian dream with wealthy inhabitants living in palatial apartments set in colossal glass and concrete spires. But underground it's a different story - armies of slaves work gruelling shifts to maintain the luxurious lifestyles of their masters. The workers, a subhuman species of sluggish creatures are led by the "saintly"...

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