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4.5 out of 10 excellent movie
Dominick from Dublin, 13 Jun 2007
I really enjoyed this movie. The story line was very interest and kept you interested from start to finish. It’s about a beautiful Sicilian woman who basically doesn’t fit the stereo type of a good Sicilian lady. I got the impression she didn’t fit in with the community she lived in as she longed for freedom and life and that she felt trapped in this small community. Like a bird in cage!! The story brings you around a small fish Village in Sicily and introduces you to her family and community.
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2.5 out of 10 So-so
Denise from Sligo, 28 May 2014
A film about a young mother of 2, married to a fisherman in a small Italian coastal village. She is bi-polar I think (it is not named....she just appears to be a 'free spirit' or a little bit diferent.) The extended family try to get the hubby to send her away for treatment.... Slow to get started, mainly about the young local guys fishing and messing (does no-one work except the fishermen??)
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What's it about....
A close-knit community in the south-west of Sicily has been unchanged for centuries. Here, husbands go to sea and wives work packing fish while their children play among the cliffs. It's a way of life that is ingrained and which does not allow change. Grazia (Golino), the wife of a local fisherman and mother to his three children, is easy going, affectionate and free-spirited. Her unconventional attitude to life causes consternation amongst her elders and brings scorn...

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