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THX 1138 (1970)

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2 out of 10 THX 1138
James from Limerick, 19 Nov 2008
Cinematic remake of George "Star Wars" Lucas' film school debut. Set in an un-specified future date, it features a dystopia where the underground city populace is controlled by drugs, fed TV-violence & live executions. Sex is a crime, as in "1984". Robert Duval plays the title character (yes, alpha-numeric designations have replaced names), who rails aginst the system, bringing disaster to his female roomate, LUH. I found the novelisation more interesting, having not attended film school.
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0.5 out of 10 extremely boring
Alan from Dublin, 24 Jan 2009
I thought this movie was very boring and frustrating to watch especially the way you could not hear what they were saying when they spoke to each other and had to read the subtitles. I found myself at times fast forwarding the movie as nothing was happening fast. Got nothing out of this and was surprised that George Lucas was behind it. There are so many good movies to watch, don't waste your time with this one.
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5 out of 10 CLASSIC
Joseph Michael from Donegal, 26 Jun 2008
George Lucas first film was exceptional. What happen, oh yea Star Warsl Your vision with THX 1138 was a reminder of George Orwell's Animal Farm and the ever watchful eye of Big Brother or as they now call it The Nanny State. Excellent for those viewers and film buffs who appreciate originallity. A must.
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0.5 out of 10 Very poor
Lisa from Limerick, 28 Jan 2008
Very strange movie. You expect something to happen and it doesn't and it leaves you hanging on at the end wanting to know what would happen next. I wasn't impressed!
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What's it about....
Robert Duvall is THX-1138, a humble worker in a soulless, sprawling subterranean society where each person has a number, not a name, sex is outlawed and laws are enforced by constant surveillance and sinister, silver faced androids. His discovery that there is more to life than the state-required drug stupor and the loss of his mate to a sinister technician finally gives him the courage to recover from his nightmare world. Using strong visuals and astonishing sound effects...

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