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The Invention of Lying (2009)

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3 out of 10 Ricky Gervais being.... Ricky Gervais
Brock from Limerick, 29 Apr 2010
A cute and quirky enough comedy that seems to get a bit silly in the second half. Gervis though displays a surprising tenderness and sadness at a key moment in the story, and that very scene is a catalyst for the latter part of the film. Comedy highlights include a billboard add for Pepsi that reads "Pepsi - For when they don't have Coke" or the respite care home called "A sad and helpless place for old people". Rob Lowe plays a great narcacistic egotist. Look out also for a cameo from the bloke
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2.5 out of 10 Not great
john from Cork, 12 May 2010
This movie could have been so much better, but it turned out to be a little silly some good laught,s but not nearly enought. i guessed that ricky gervis was an atheist in real life without knowing beforehand by the way he trys really hard to get his agenda across by the way he starts to ridicule and undermine belief in god halfway through the movie, really obvious, and was kinda offputting. i think it was a waste of a good idea for a movie that could have been so much better.
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0.5 out of 10 Awful - and it's the truth!
Niall from Dublin, 04 Feb 2010
This movie was lacking in humour, the acting was wooden, and the production values were poor. Ricky Gervais' character is not much different to the other characters that he's portrayed in other movies/tv shows. The set is littered with high-profile stars but even that doesn't improve the viewing - I just ended up feeling sorry for them!
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0.5 out of 10 Unbearable
Valerie from Tipperary, 15 Sep 2010
I thought this was the worst film I've seen in a seriously long time. I thought Ricky Gervais . . . has to be good! I was never so wrong, I couldn't stand it, gave up half way through, had enough. The storyline was so stupid and far as I could see goign nowhere. Leave it there!
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1 out of 10 Not so good
Margaret from Cavan, 05 Jul 2010
I think all the actual funny parts that are shown in the trailers are about it for this film, quite tedious and boring, gervais should have had a topper here, the idea behind this one is brilliant, but it just didn't hang on to my interest.
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What's it about....
"The Invention of Lying" takes place in an alternate reality in which lying – even the concept of a lie – does not even exist. Everyone from politicians to advertisers, to the man and woman on the street speaks the truth and nothing but the truth with no thought of the consequences. But when a down–on–his–luck loser named Mark (Ricky Gervais) suddenly develops the ability to lie, he finds that dishonesty has its rewards. In a world where every word is assumed to be the absolute...

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