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The Road (2008)

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3.5 out of 10 Depressing
Nuala from Dublin, 30 Jun 2010
OK, so the world is dyeing, all the animals are dead, all the crops have failed and it’s getting colder. Most of the people have also where have all the shoes gone? Where have all the clothes gone, all the tents, all the shopping trolleys and all the blankets. It’s been 10 year since the catastrophe (though we never get to know what really happened) and everyone is dressed like a tramp, with cardboard on their feet and chopping up furniture to stay warm when there is an abundance of
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1 out of 10 A strong contender........
Anne Marie from Wicklow, 04 Jul 2010
........for the most depressing film of all time. There has been some kind of catastrophe, and the only upholders of humanity's values are Viggo Mortenson and his son. Everyone else has degenerated into unprincipled marauding cannibals. Don't watch if feeling even slightly sad it will drag you to an unbelievable low, don't watch when happy, you won't stay that way for very long. It begs the question why do the majority of films have such a dystopian view of the future?
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4 out of 10 Worth the effort
Brian from Westmeath, 23 Aug 2010
The film is heavy and deals with cannibalism, suicide and creulty, but at all times the bond of love between father and son uplifts the dirt and mire of the post apocalytic world. The film makes compelling viewing and even though tragedy is always around the corner and there is an ever present sense of despair and loss, the film ends with a central message of hope. And what a performance from the 2 central characters, especially Viggo ...WOW seriously impressive.
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1 out of 10 Dont rent unless u are trying to depress yourself
Shane from Louth, 30 Jul 2010
Yes its well acted, Yes it captures what its like in a world after a some sort of life extinction event .... But WHY? hope is what it should be about, not how depraved and futile the world will become.. if the film was trying to educate us on what we are doing to the planet or each other then those that need that guidance will not be watching this and those that want hope or pride in the human race, will not find it here. Viggo does pick the heavy roles!
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What's it about....
Starring Viggo Mortensen and featuring music by Nick Cave, The Road is an unrelentingly bleak adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's acclaimed novel about a father and son traversing the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic America. Order the DVD now and take the first step on the road to awesome cinema! Post apocalyptic tale based on the bestselling novel by Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men). A father and son travel on foot through a devastated American landscape, battling...

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