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The Woodsman

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3.5 out of 10 Different
Joanne from Meath, 26 Nov 2009
There is great story telling here, but that is what it is, just a story, so if you are looking for something fast paced or with its beginning, middle & end very clearly defined, this one is not for you. Unlike a lot of the reviews I did not find myself sympathising with Bacon as such, but I did find myself rooting for him to 'overcome his demons'. Something different, from a different angle, well worth viewing.
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4.5 out of 10 great drama
Barbara from Cork, 17 May 2008
This is storytelling at its best. Kevin Bacon gives the performance of his career. This is a slow film, where characters are important, not action. They're all flawed, each in their own way, but this is what makes them human. You'll find yourself sympathizing with someone you would've most likely not supported before watching this film. This is what successful storytelling is in my eyes. Don't miss this gem!
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3 out of 10 Kevin Bacon is excellent
laura from Dublin, 28 Oct 2009
Kevin Bacon is excellent as a man convicted of child molestation who has just been released from prison and aims to get on with his life with the help of a counsellor. Makes difficult viewing at times as he tries to resist the urge to be close to young girls, but I suppose it seems to give a relatively balanced picture of the issues from the perspective of 1 person.
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4 out of 10 Well Acted drama
Lyn from Cork, 04 Mar 2008
This is an interesting film about how people react to those who have done wrong in the past. It raises alot of questions about trust and giving people a second chance to redeem themselves. Really makes you think and well worth seeing although some may find the subject matter of a recently released abuser too close to the edge.
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3.5 out of 10 Interesting drama
Tara from Cork, 21 Nov 2008
This is a drama that will make you think about were you make have not given someone a secound chance for something they may have done wrong in the past. Despite the subject matter you find you sympathize with Kevin Bacon's character and see he is not the only one with a past he is trying to hide.
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What's it about....
After 12 years in prison, convicted paedophile Walter (Kevin Bacon), is released into the world. His natural talent with woodcraft leads him to get a job at a lumberyard. His lodgings, however, are located opposite an elementary school. Walter soon discovers that the slate has not been wiped clean, as his family shun him and the police still keep tabs on him. His only solace is his colleague, Vickie, and their tentative romance. But, how long can he keep his past life from...

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