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Twentynine Palms

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0.5 out of 10 Sigh.
john from Meath, 01 Aug 2007
Just what the world needs, another existentional french film. This one will test your patience, as the obnoxious couple drive around endlessly and aimlessly, stopping only to have random sex here and there. This goes on for just under 2 hours, and then the "shock" climax comes, which is too little too late. Sure, some will say its a work of genius, but the lack of character, dialogue, motivation or general action leaves me doubtful. On the plus side, the cinematography was excellent. Avoid.
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2 out of 10 Wayyy over my head.
John from Donegal, 24 Aug 2009
David & Katia wander around the Deserts of the town of 29 palms, arguing & having sex. That pretty much sums up the film. Looks very experimental with lots of silent scenes and beautiful backdrops, I found it quite tedious and even the sex scenes failed to liven it up, maybe I just didn't get it!! The ending was horrible & pointless.
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1.5 out of 10 NO.....
Eileen from Wexford, 20 Nov 2007
Avoid. pointless
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What's it about....
An independent photographer and his unemployed muse voyage out into the Joshua Tree desert, ostensibly searching for a natural set for a magazine photoshoot. What follows is frequent bouts of violent sex in a variety of locations, musing on the taciturn yet beautiful landscape and a finale that will require the audience to have a very strong constitution... Insightfully compared to a Lynchian nightmare and indeed an allegory of 9/11, Bruno Dumont's controversial movie...

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