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Ex-Rental - An American Haunting

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1.5 out of 10 An American Haunting
Ginger from Dublin, 31 Mar 2008
This film was well made with some great acting & very well made scenes, but wasn't really all that. I wasn't scared, but did get a tingle once or twice. I've seen much scarier. It has that cool period feel to it, which adds to the creepiness a little. That it's based on a true story didn't really do it for me, as it's only very loosely based & most of the events can be explained by natural occurrences. People refer to a twist at the end, but I didn't see a twist, just a silly ending really. Ok.
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3 out of 10 good
Adriano from Dublin, 07 May 2007
this is a good movie. Beautifully shot in Romania, believe it or not and the overall acting is very good. I would say the only problem with this is that the whole plot is given away right at the beginning of it. I knew what was going on and just kept watching as the action does keep you interested and also the scary scenes which are a few but very effective all the same. Also the interesting part is that it's based on true events which makes the whole thing even more interesting. worth watching.
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0 out of 10 Utter Cwap!
Ken from Dublin, 14 May 2009
So so disappointed in this, just 25 minutes in I was so tempted to just return it to it's sleeve, but I persevered, now 55 minutes in I'm writing it's obituary, droning on behind me here on my TV it'll more likely bore you to death than scared you to death. I knew something was up early on up when they tried the old 'hand on the shoulder'/DRIN!!! of frightened violins scare tactic. Like who in your life has EVER crept up on you to place their hand on your shoulder unannounced and without s
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4 out of 10 Worth a watch
Nuala from Dublin, 08 May 2010
I don't know if I liked this but it was well made. Totally captivating and beautifully filmed. With great performances from all the cast. It kept you guessing right up till the end but this is where it disappointed me, not to say that the end was not conclusive, just that you had invested a lot of emotion in the father believing all the time that he was a good man wronged ....but...well, I’ll not give the ending away...worth a watch! It will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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1 out of 10 A noisy, obnoxious attempt at a ghost story.
john from Meath, 03 Jul 2007
In their attempts to scare the audience, the filmmakers resort to every cheap, effortless scare in the book, and they fail. And whats worse is, they try the 'ole scares on ya every 5 minutes. It quickly becomes tiresome, and the film long over stays its welcome. If you want a decent modern scarefest, try out The Devils Backbone, Dead Birds, The Abandoned, Reincarnation, Infection, Ringu, Dark Water, in fact, any asian horror film will be scarier than this.
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What's it about....
Based on true events that took place in Tennessee during the 1800s, An American Haunting tells the story of the only documented case in U.S. history (validated by the State of Tennessee) in which a spirit caused a person's death. With over 20 books written on the subject, and a town that still lives in fear of the spirits' return, the story is terrifying.