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Ex-Rental - The Squid And The Whale

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4.5 out of 10 A Beautiful, Poignant Film
Lorna from Wicklow, 21 May 2011
This is one of my favourite films, but I hadn't seen it since it was it was released in cinemas several years ago, so it was a pleasure to watch again on DVD. This slow moving tale tells the story of the impact of a marriage break-up on a family. The film is not melodramatic and there is no huge revelation, it just watches the reactions of 4 people to a significant event in their lives. The characters are not particularly likeable, but you really care about them in spite of their failings,
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4 out of 10 Wonderful sublety
Chris from Dublin, 27 Mar 2007
A beautifully crafted tale of marriage break up & family relationships (I know, sounds dreary but it's an excellent film!), this movie may be slow for some but the subtleties in it are well worth paying attention for. The gnawing undercurrents in the relationships, the gradual realisation there's no black & white or fairytale happy endings in Real Life but above all the astonishing, understated performances make this one well worth the time investment over a glass of wine (or two!).
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1.5 out of 10 Painful to watch
Christopher from Kerry, 08 May 2009
While the dysfunctional family dynamics were well portrayed, watching this movie was about as enjoyable as a root canal. The sheer insensitivity and clueless behavior of these people (while adding to the 'realism') made it very difficult for me to care about them one way or the other. Not since Mommy Dearest have I seen a movie that crucifies the writer's family in such a vicious way. How are we supposed to feel about a writer who portrays himself as a plagiarist?
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4 out of 10 The Squid and the Whale
Joanne from Dublin, 30 May 2007
A wonderfully constructed and subtle film about real life and real families. It's based on the writer's real experience of his parent's divorce and as such does not apologise for its cander or pretend to be something that its not. Its not happy families and fairytale endings. It's reality or it least his! I guarantee 7/10 won't like this movie but for any movie buffs out there take a look. It will bore some and not others. I liked it, you may not!
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3.5 out of 10 Good portrayal of family breakdown
Maggie from Mayo, 04 Jun 2008
An excellent portrayal of a dysfunctional American family and family breakdown. The characters are all believable, and while you may not like them all, you can relate to them and understand them. The film moves along slowly, but the development of the characters and their relationships with each other keeps the momentum. Some good one liners in a film that has sadness and loss for all characters.
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